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PIAG presents


High-quality cuvettes for a small price!

Portmann Instruments AG is offering a large selection of high-quality cuvettes for a small price. The range includes standard cuvettes as well as half-micro or micro cuvettes, with frosted or black walls.
The cuvettes are available in the following grades of glass: ES quartz glass, IR quartz glass and optical glass.

Glass cuvettes

  • transmission and fluorescence cuvettes with different grades of glass
  • pathlengths 1–100 mm
  • micro cuvettes for small sample quantities
  • flow-through or cylindric cuvettes in various design
  • customized solutions
  • ES quartz glass Q 190 nm–2500 nm
  • IR quartz glass I 250 nm–3500 nm
  • optical glass G 340 nm–2500 nm

Customized solutions

You have requirements to dimension or specification that are not covered by our standard product range? Glady we manufacture cuvettes according to your specifications. Just ask us by mail or telephone.

Disposable cuvettes

  • standard or half-micro cuvettes
  • Vis range 340 nm–900 nm
  • UV-Vis range 220 nm–900 nm
  • PMMA cuvettes Vis 300 nm–900 nm
  • package of 100 pc.
  • PP lids for disposable cuvettes

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